The Rewrite

The Words Never Come Out Right The First Time

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Shasta Nutsuto, S.B.Nutsuto
7 December 1987
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Yes I arrange my bitches by color!

Hello! If you're reading this you probably came here looking for one of the following...

  • Dolls. YES! You came to the right place! I am first and foremost a doll collector.

  • Hetalia. I'm sorry to disappoint you ,but I was only drawing Hetalia for a personal 100 fanart challenge and I don't expect to be drawing it again. If this is subject to change, I'll let you know in advance on my blog.

  • Pokemon. I was only drawing Pokemon for a personal 100 fanart challenge. You can however commission Pokemon fanart from me.

  • Hentai. I'm sorry ,but I'm not a huge Hentai fan and I only draw on occasion and even then it'll probably be mostly yaoi. Hentai however can be commissioned.

  • Commissions. To view commissioning information PLEASE READ.

  • Youtube and Flickr. You'll find that my blog is far more active than my channel and photostream. Feel free to friend me.

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