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Not sure if I have
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Not sure if I have
anything to squeeze in here

Not sure if I have
anything to squeeze in here

  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! Took me a while to knock this one out. THE LINEART IS SO OLD AND UGLY!

  • April notes continued and some of May...

  • I feel like the LJ updates are trying to make it harder for me to use the flickr share html code I saved. For the love of crap people.

  • Hibikase is the only Vocaloid song that I like most without words. Mostly because I just can't find anyone who has covered it magnificently.

  • Watched Hibike! Euphonium. It's right up my alley. I'm already getting memories from my old band days.

  • WOW, Hazuki is really forcing friendship on Kumiko.


  • I love how the moment that Kousaka walks in we get a freak out session in slow-mo. Is it wrong for me to already be shipping this pairing? So, Hazuki proposes they join just to fix the band... WHAT? OH LORD, THAT'S THE FIRST STEP OF A BAD RELATIONSHIP RIGHT THERE.

  • G!PP Ep11, the new dress up keys were kind of anti climatic....

  • G!PP Ep12, Now her agent is controlling her with donuts. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?!?!?!!?

  • Well it ended there so I believe this series is going to be longer than 12 episodes.

  • I was hoping Suichi was her brother. He's probably her love interest.....

  • This Saturday, we got to watch the Cerritos Park's Spring Festival Firework spectacular up close. It was worth the seven hour wait!!!!

  • Magi 265, Hakuei decided to sit out the impending war strike against Hakuryuu. THAT'S ALL THAT SHE WROTE!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAITED FOR THAT LITTLE ITTY BIT!!!

  • As much as I love Sakura Miku, I'm not to thrilled about the Sakura Mikudayo figure.

  • Kanaria Pullip, I haven't screamed this hard for a doll since DD Youmu. I really like her faceup!!!

  • G!PP ep13, This episode is about violins... As a former violinist, I don't want to watch this....

  • OMFG, Kirara can play the violin all of a sudden!!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  • This is the part where Haruka suddenly sucks... OH LORD....

  • Scary violin lady is teaching her how to play.... and Puff be like "bitch be scary".

  • So she's the daughter of the main bad guy.... okay whatever...

  • I feel like I missed something between scenes.

  • Trying not to ship Twilight and Shut.

  • I love how it's Yui's job to always run away every time something happens.

  • 50% of comments on the latest Eurovision video are screaming and peeing... I shit you not.

  • Wow, my comic is already at 50 subscribers on tapastic and it hasn't even started running yet.

  • It almost annoys me how much better google chrome is than firefox.

  • I wanted to do that three year character meme again, but it's only been two since I last did it. I need to wait until 2016 to do it again. I'm not really sure who my last two favorite characters were- I think they were Sorcery King and Solle.

  • I've only been using the Tapastic Ad Revenue Program for five days and I already have seven cents worth of ad clicks.

  • Target in Cerritos has the new versions of Dexter along with Lizzie and Duchess. They also have the new Blondie too. So tempting.

  • I can't believe that there are still people who don't realize that Big Bang Theory is filmed in front of a live studio audience. They had a behind the scenes cover of it and everything! WTF?

  • Looks like we might be able to watch Eurovision this year. The timing is right- let's hope the live stream is good. The wifi is a bit stronger than it was last year- I hope...


  • I kind of don't like the D-shaped frame around the mega-screen on the stage... but then again... I had to get used to that stupid square cage from last year... this is what I get for starting with an open stage back in 2012- everything else just looks weird to me.

  • Macedonia's backdrop effects are fucking awesome. I can't wait!!!

  • Netherlands, OMG SHE'S ALL BOOBS- I hope that's not her official dress for the show.


  • Anybody else disturbed by the little Austrian girl who just gave out her address for all of youtube?

  • Greece's entry backdrop is SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • Denmark rehearsal, those girls look so cute in those little red dresses.

  • Russia, is it wrong of me to want Polina to win? I'm starting to want her to win now.

  • Belarus, Toilet paper background. LOL!

  • Hungary, I don't really like this song, but I might have to draw fanart for it for the community, so I looked at it anyway..... cool tree background.

  • God, the announcer guy sounds like the PA system at Disneyland.

  • Malta, FUCKING LOVE THE PHOENIX BACKDROP YEESS!!! THIS NEEDS TO MAKE IT TO THE GRAND FINAL. Don't get me started with the floor graphics- the fucking FLOOR GRAPHICS!!!!

  • Lithuania, WOW Sunny backdrop- I sorta expected this kind of tropical romance from Netherlands entry when I first heard it. VOTE FOR LIETUVA!!!!!

  • Okay, Georgia's fans need to calm the fuck down about Nina and Amber because they are really going overboard... Nina's Warrior really appeals to a certain type of listener where as Amber appeals more across the board.

  • Iceland's backdrop is EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINED IT WOULD BE when I first heard the song.

  • Switzerland's backdrop is BEAUTIFUL- It's a shame that I don't like the song.

  • Sweden, I don't know why I was expecting the Eurovision performance to vary from the Melfest one. I'm a little disappointing he didn't try to do it any differently.

  • Cyprus, what a dreamy backdrop! .... I was half expecting another tree though- LOL!

  • Serbia is pretty awesome- I need to get this song.

  • Trying to watch the tapastic livestream, Friday the 15th. I like having the chat next to video- it helps me see if the live stream is working or if it's just me.

  • UK'S entry has staircase attachments- that's awesome.


  • Australia, fuck I need to draw this.


  • Germany..... I was expecting a bit more.

  • Went back to watching go!Princess Precure, I'm so surprised that Haruka really loves her little sister. That only happens in tv shows.

  • And in the following episode, they finally made Puff and Aroma USEFUL.


  • Caught Serbia on the livestream OPENING CEREMONY red carpet. HUGE RED DRESS!!

  • Vienna is so beautiful! They're playing an orchestra version of Rise Like Phoenix in the bg!!! IT'S SO PRETTY!


  • So Cyprus shows up in a car, but San Marino gets a bus?

  • Someone from Belarus brought puppets in the crowd and waved them around.


  • Moldova came arrested by his police bondage girls. They pointed out that their costume badges say "NYPD"... LOL

  • Romania brought that little boy from the music video. *CRIES*

  • Wow, that wax statue is creepy as shit dude.

  • So far the stream hasn't been all that sticky. I hope it's this smooth on Tuesday... OH LAWRDY!

  • God, I love Moldova this year- he's a little shit and he's perfect.

  • Now that the Grand Final countries are practicing, I need to start drawing my Hetavision fanart!


I don't care if Russia's got problems. I really want this song to win.

I really want this song to win.

Hetalia Fanart - Hetavision 2015

  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! This year's Hetalia Eurovision crossover album covers. I got a head start this year so specific characters came out nicer than last year. I also drew Moldova and Portugal for the first time.

  • March notes continued and some of April...

  • That bitter feeling when DIELL plays on my playlist and I cry because it's not Albania's entry anymore....

  • God, one windows update almost practically crashed my laptop!

  • BELGIUM HAS A SONG!!! *dances*


  • Awe, even Georgia's Warrior got made over for Eurovision. I'm partially okay with this because I didn't like the original all of that much, but the one thing that I did like about it, is GONE.

  • God, I want to smack Escha every time she opens her mouth.

  • Okay so, Shallotte is clearly older than Shallistera and Raoul thinks she's the kid- this is hiliarous.

  • Awe c'mon- both Shallistera and Miruca have no idea how Kortes' weapon style works.

  • I always want to slap people for putting Miruca on reserve, but she usually has to wait for bug patches to be playable. FREAKING...

  • Watching Shallie again. I can't believe we invested a whole minute into criticizing Shallistera's eating.

  • The dub for the animated portion of the intro is terribly coordinated- at times it's out of sync and others it just doesn't even happen. They really half asses this game.

  • Okay, I'm not going to lie, I have always shipped Raoul and Julie.

  • And now I ship Linca and Gerard even harder than I did in Japanese.

  • ESC Australia 2015, This is really catchy.

  • ESC Russia 2015, I like this one!


  • .... I can't connect to library wifi. What the actual fuck is going on. Is something wrong with my computer's wifi abilities?

  • So Monica and Dad took the computer to BestBuy to find out why it's not connecting. Monica insanely blew all of my saving on a new laptop. The new laptop can connect to the internet just fine, but the old one still can't. They claim the woman who serviced them fixed the problem, but if that were true, I'd be able to connect to the internet- I still can't. WTAF.

  • Honestly, all Monica really did was just buy herself a new computer.

  • Took the laptop to Staples, the guy there was a humongous help. While the internet issue was fixed, we're still going to have to wipe the computer.

  • Still trying to set up my files on the new computer. Moving everything is a big ass pain.

  • I till have fonts I need to install. I rather go grab them from the other computer instead of download them again.

  • Watched the English Shallie special ending. Solle said that Miruca was extremely helpful- I'm not going to lie, when I translated that scene, all of the translator programs made a huge emphasis on the word "swallow", so I assume there was a working/eating play on words in their conversation.

  • Checked out the Cypress Library- by chance it was open on Sunday. I read ALL of their interior design books.

  • Megan Nicole's YTMA entry reminds me so much of the La La Love music video, but instead of Snow White, she's channeling every other fairytale.


  • Watched the end of Kantai Collection. It felt rushed and the number one thing that killed it for me was Mutsu hanging all over Nagato. I don't ship them. I DON'T.

  • This current arch in the Magi manga reminds me too much of the first Balbadd arch, which Aladdin spent half of, unconscious. I feel like Alibaba is gunna do the same thing now.

  • TF Daisy, looks like Denis with a mouth mod.... tempting. So damn tempting...

  • Wow, it's already April.

  • I'm sorry, can someone please explain to me all the enthusiasm for Estonia's entry this year? I'm just not feeling- like I said before- last year's was so much better.

  • Catching up with Go! Princess Precure. I really think this version is my favorite. They did a wonderful job upgrading the fight sequences. My only complaint is that Blue Cure characters always look ridiculous....

  • A few complaints about episode three. One, nobody got mad at her for bringing in a dog, nobody got mad at her for naming the dog, nobody got mad at her for suddenly having a bird, and finally, we spent a whole episode trying to convince everybody to like the dog.... no.... please....

  • I love how Mermaid and Flora took turns hitting it. The special attack sequences have a video game feel to them.

  • I like that the story is taking it's time developing Minami and Haruka's relationship. Most Precure series just focus on swarming you with characters.

  • I'm not going to lie, I already instantly liked Kirara. Too bad she was cast in the role of the idol. Why do all mahou shoujo series need Idols?

  • Kirara be like "Ain't nobody got time for that" - I so fucking love her.


  • Kirara plans ahead- oh yeah, LOVE this character.

  • She ate donuts and how she's going to do her fashion show NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WRONG!!!

  • Suddenly she can opperate heavy machinery.

  • She's too busy to be a precure- OH GOD I LOVE HER.

  • Still slowly working on making a new website. It's been years since I last had one of these so it's been hard to think of what to put on it.


  • ep 6, Grand Princess better be an outfit upgrade.

  • ep 7, She has to work together with the boy who kept trying to smash her dreams. What is this cruelty?

  • ep 8, Dressmaking episode is my favorite so far. No offense to Puff and Aroma, but Shamour is WAAAYYY for valuable of a character than both of them together.


  • I like it when Minami goes on authority mode on her own friends when they slip. It happens so rarely, but it needs to.


  • I like how Kirara really wants to help. Too bad this is one of those episodes where the main character has to do it all by themselves.

  • Gosh, they are sure producing a lot for those DD Macrosse girls.

  • Re-watching the English version of the Water Festival in Shallie. I love how Miruca keeps refusing Katla's sale.

  • That moment Solle comments about knowing how Marion felt.... no... please- do not ship. Watching him complain about paperwork, and knowing that he later acquires Miruca to help plow through it, it's so adorable.

  • DD Sinon, Wait so we get Asuna and then Sinon? Was Lizbeth really not that popular? I'm just still waiting for Lizbeth!!!!!! I'm even more surprised that Leafa didn't get her own doll. WTF...... and Sinon's mold doesns't look like her at all. I hope people split for her gun like people split Youmu for her swords.

  • I've grown addicted to the faux sound of falling rain from When it really started raining outside, I didn't even notice.

  • That moment when you're sitting in front of a mural and the librarian decides to fix it while you're still sitting in front of it. FML...

  • OMFG, so it was a scholarship that Solle was addressing to Miruca about? HOLY FUCKING CRAP I LOVE IT. Given the translation that I did of this scene, it appeared that Solle understood her point of view about not going back to central. I really hope somebody posts the English version of this scene sometime soon. I REALLY WANT TO SEE IT! I also love how a lot of people who are playing the English Shallie are really getting into Miruca. I loved her and I didn't even know half of this cool ass shit about her.

  • So I'm rendering my first MMD movie. It's taking forever. So far it's been rendering for five hours or so and it's only half way. Dear GOD, this thing better not finish at 2am or I'm going to scream.

  • Gosh, it's been weeks since I last kept track of what I've been doing.

  • Unfortunately, I am officially addicted to MMD. Someone save me.


Forget it, now I'm officially just routing for the UK.

February notes continued and some of March

  • February notes continued and some of March...

  • Watched the first episode of the KanColle anime. I swear, I thought it was going to be horrible because most game to anime adaptations are, but this was fucking AMAZING!!! Fubuki is adorable!

  • Played it for Monica the next morning. She loved it too.

  • I haven't had any Mango lemonade in a while.

  • Returned to the Cerritos library. I really like working here, it's a shame we don't do it that often.

  • Desperately and frustratedly trying to find an end to this comic.

  • So the next outfit set for Miku is that one red hood set from the Project Diva game. I wonder if we can expect other just as popular Project Diva dress sets in the future. I want Miracle Paint even if there is really nothing to the design.

  • New Idolmaster DDs, the faces thus far don't look too much different than any we've seen before.

  • AHHHH!!!! Miruca and Solle are on the official site now!! YYYYIIISSSSS!!!!

  • Now I'm going to sample Miruca's voice... oh god... OH THANK GOD IT'S NOT THAT BAD!!! I ACTUALLY DON'T MIND IT THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

  • Australia to compete in Eurovision 2015.... DEAR LORD WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

  • Now I have to completely rearrange my Hetavision Album Covers post for this year.

  • Denmark's 2015 entry sounds like a commercial jingle. I half expect to be handed a soda or some kind of novelty cookie at the end.

  • When the AHS V4s comes out, I'm going to be all over them like a bad odor!!!! Already, I'm not liking that they changed Miki's bangs and ahoge, but I'm going to see if I can let it slide.

  • I'm waiting for Lithuania to pick a singer for their song so I can make a comment about the song. Thus far the song itself is not that bad, but the right singer could change that..... not gunna lie though, they had other entries that I liked so much better.

  • God the English Shallie cast pronounces things weird- I mean, even my English reading app pronounces it A-TEL-LEEE, and it's a friggen ROBOT.


  • NO, Miruca just mispronounced her own name... shame on you....

  • OH DEAR GOD, HOMURA'S SPEECH PATTERN IS HORRIBLE. This would have worked beter if he had a cute, silly sounding voice... but he's voice by a woman so it sounds degrading.

  • Great, one of my packages didn't reach it's destination on time. GOD, I don't need another paypal dispute in my life.

  • Right when I was starting to finish my work, the library wifi decided to crash... seriously... I came here to do one thing and now I can't even do it. Worse part is, I have to leave in five minutes.... for the love of crap.

  • Magi this week, It's nice that Hakuryuu gets to be the first to double Djinn Equip, but I don't see him being the only one who can pull it off for long. I bet someone else is going to learn it and when they do, it's not going to make sense how... or worse, they'll introduce yet another new character who already can do it too.

  • Watching Spring Unsprung... seems like Kitty's mother is a 3d model? She's really well made.

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one who didn't think the curry cook off episode in KanColle was necessary.

  • Oh so they are still making more Rozenmaiden Pullips? *evil eyes* Kanaria better be next- If they do not make Kanaria someone will be pecked. I will make sure of it.

  • Go! Princess Precure Episode 1, Wow this feels like a combination of every mahou shoujo series I've ever watched..... also I don't recall precure battles being this well animated. Cure Flora is a very physical combatant.

  • ESC Estonia 2015.... don't like this one so far.


  • ESC Italy, finally found the studio version. This one is good.

  • ESC Latvia, Monica likes this one, but I don't really.

  • Kancolle, now I just feel like they are tryin to feminize Nagato. C'mon!!! In a world of vaginas, she's the only penis.

  • ESC Ireland.... not for me.

  • I need to catch up with others.

  • OH DEAR LORD, PLEASE TELL ME THAT ALBANIA'S "I'm Alive" is just the English version of "Diell" because I seriously loved that song just the way it is.

  • Apparently it's not... shit.... nooo.... I want "Diell" back!!!!!!

  • There are so many other ESC entries coming out in March, how can I keep up?

  • Why does the Assassination Classroom TV version's episode 7 feel much worse than that OVA that came out last year of the same chapter? The storyboard was horrible!

  • Watched Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OH THE ENGRISH!!! THE ENGRISH!!!!!

  • ESC Hungary, I'm not going to lie- I didn't want this entry to win when I viewed over the A DAL competition.

  • ESC Moldova, This is pretty good!

  • ESC Finland decided to complain this year and pretend that it was a song.

  • Magi 258, Wow... that escalated. I'm disappointed. I wanted Hakuryuu to give Kouen a run for his money and here Alibaba fried both of his legs off.

  • Today is Monica's birthday!

  • Seven7United dolls look very lovely.

  • So Spain's entry finally surfaces. It's really nice. I wish I knew what she was singing though.

  • Today Greece picks their entry. My expectations are very low.

  • Kancolle Ep9, The moment it ended, I went to go see what Fubuki Kai Ni looked like and I was severely disappointed. I was hoping she'd be more elaborate- like how Yuudachi was elaborated on.

  • Watching the first 30 minutes of the English Shallie. I feel like Solle as the narrator really defines his maturity. He's not quite the same asshat his was in Eschatology.


  • Teokhuga's voice actor is really good, but Shallistera and Kortes really kill the flow of the conversation.

  • Half tempted to skip to the part where Miruca is introduced.

  • This music is much louder than some of the characters. I wish I could adjust it so I can hear them better

  • God Kortes' voice is just too pussy for his character.


  • Wow and then Julie comes in and I want to slap them every time they say her name. Her voice is good.

  • Shallistera's voice is just to peppy- not calm like the original Japanese voice, so much of the dialogue is delivered in correctly.


  • An now we're on to Shallotte's story- Oh THANK GOD!

  • Her Mom's voice is fine.

  • Shallotte's voice is to calm- she's honestly a thousand times more livelier than this. Her story is supposed to be comedic, so when she says things too passively, it loses the humor dramatically.

  • Some of these translations are questionable. It reads like the translator is over favoring Shallotte.


  • MIIIRRUUUCCAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! *THROWS EVERYTHING* SHE CCALLED HER SHALLLLLLLL!!!! SPOT ON BABY!!!! MENTAL HEALTH DAY LOL! I'm surprised that Miruca doesn't like her job. I love how she's expecting her customers to get over their commission fad- that's hilarious.


  • Wow, Solle and Raoul are assholes- I love it.

  • Shallotte's face can't frown. Either that or this translator took the dialogue out of context.


  • ESC Greece 2015, Not bad- looks like we'll have another ballad girl in a flowy dress.

  • Russia, are you going to wait until the last week to pick your ESC 2015 entry? I want to mark my calender please.

  • ESC Germany 2015, I didn't get to hear Andreas song before he quit, but Black Smoke isn't too bad.

  • Internet connection is really lousy right now at the library. I can't get weebly to really load images.

  • Wow, my comic (still scheduled for June) already has subscribers on tapastic and I got them sheerly by just following other people.

  • Finally figured out what I might want to use that Daiso notepad clipboard for. I'll get it next time I'm there!

  • Magi 259, Kind of hope Aladdin's gunna lose, but at best someone is going to come in and save him- probably Kouen even though I don't want to see that. Yunan would be cool too. Hakuei would be the BEST!!!!!! OMFG I WANT THAT!!

  • I go away for the weekend and then suddenly Russia has an entry!!!!!!!! *throws popcorn at Russia* YOU GUYS HAVE CALENDERS TOO, RIGHT?!?!?!?

  • Never mind, I can't find any audio for this song. She's hot though!


Iceland's entry this year!


The United Kingdom's entry.

IS REALLY CUTE!!! OMFG!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Nevermind Iceland, I want them to win now!

The new version of Malta's Warrior.

I'm not going to lie, I already miss the original version, but this one is nice too. Amber doesn't sound as scratchy. The only thing I don't like is the slight change in lyrics.

  • January notes continued and some of February...

  • Magi 253, I'm not going to lie, I want to stop caring about this now. I'm literally hanging on for Hakuei's sake... and Seishun... as if we're ever going to see him again.

  • Trying to understand why the hell the Bank of America website keeps crashing. I'm using the Library's wifi and it's pretty strong.

  • New Aprilstory body looks nice.... which it wasn't a one piece torso though.

  • Wow, the library's wifi is pretty bad today.

  • Wondering how on earth the English Shallie staff got confused by Julie's name. Already not liking how they pronounced Miruca.

  • Honestly, I try to stay out of the Tales of Fandom because I have sensitive feels and Vesperia really hurt them last time, but the opening for Zestiria ... LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, today didn't start out a very good morning.

  • Himaruya said he'd finish that unfinished 2011 Christmas event... wow... now that most of us don't really care anymore.

  • Angell Studio's new Hong yuu is pretty, but her faces feels so lifeless- more lifeless than most BJDs. It's probably just the photography or the eyeball size, but it's actually kind of unsettling.

  • It's hard to be at the library when half of my social media feeds are of dolls with their legs spread. Thank you all!

  • Wow, look how fast the harmony in the Zestiria fanbase died because of Alisha. The face that launched a thousand flames.

  • Watching Assassination Classroom with Monica. Only a minute in and she likes it already. They really milked the opening with dramatic tension- I mean, I remember the manga opening up like this- I just don't remember it being so DRAMATIIICCC!!!

  • Designer Disney Fairies... I can't even. I'm trying to- but I know it's just going to be the movie fairies and not the book fairies.

  • Just Sweet BLONDIE YEESSSS!!!! This is REALLY TEMPTING!!!! I think I migh let her bangs slide- I usually don't like dolls with multicolored hair.

  • ... as happy as I am that MoC is offering faceups on their website, I just wish that their faceup skills were more.... refined... oh well... maybe they'll improve over time? Some of these examples they posted look so... amateur.

  • I find it slightly amusing how the same "want to collab" threads, that you can find on any other comic websites, really get wailed on the Tapastic forums.

  • Thinking about updating my icons again.

  • I really, REALLY HATE doing my art at the library. I hate it even more when the person sitting next to me insists on facing my screen when they can always look the other way.

  • Wow, Lindsey Sterling sure got a lot of flack for not titling her last upload a vocaloid cover. I'm not going to lie, I haven't heard this song until now. Some vocaloid songs can be a huge pain in the ass to listen to.

  • And suddenly the library wifi just went down....... that's not good- I've got stuff to do today!

  • Waited ten minutes for the wifi to go back up. It doesn't seem to be working. I'm actually considering leaving if this keeps up. I don't like doing artwork at the library if there isn't any wifi working.

  • Came back on Saturday. Wifi seems to be working better now.

  • @__@ Another Catrine DeMew Doll? how MANY OF THESE ARRGG!! I still haven't obtained the last two that have come out...

  • This guy came all the way to the library just to talk on his phone....

  • Enchanted picnic Blondie looks like she might have some dramatic eyeshadow. I guess I won't be getting her after all.

  • Picked up three journals from Daiso. They are the kinds with the clear plastic jackets. I'm going to take them apart and smother them in pictures.

  • I just remembered that I need ink.

  • Started my period *dies*

Cyprus' 2015 entry.

Okay, as a fanartist who has had my own personal journey with the aph cyprus, my feels couldn't handle this song.

December notes continued, and most of January

  • Oh Azone Mocha is cute.

  • EAH DUCHESS, Hmmmmmm..... not sure if I want. Really need to see her in person.

  • Bought apple cider early this year... WOOOOOOT! We're saving it for Christmas.

  • Epic Patty Cake LIVE - Lord, watching them sing on key and clap at the same time is scary. The acoustics in the room make the sound feel a little off key though.

  • Seriously, barely a week since I joined Inkblazers and they just announced yesterday that they are closing for good in February. What the hell.

  • Everybody is moving to Tapastic. I'm already over there so I don't really care about moving to it. I'm really dissapointed because I wanted to see how Inkblazers worked as a platform.

  • Magi 251, Wow... like omg that didn't feel rushed at all! *eyeroll*

  • OBO pictures of the Through the Woods Dolls. OH YESSSS! Definitely getting Blondie, Cupid, and maybe Ashlynn from this line YESSS!

  • So a new Million Arthur game is coming out.... lord, I'm not ready to have an opinion about this yet.

  • Sorry it took me so long to find out about Classy Doll, but I LOVE the look of their bodies! I wonder if I can manage their notorious legs. I seemed to be the only person who could stand the type 3 pullip body, so I know how to be flexible.

  • Went for a long walk for Christmas. I'm so TIRED!

  • Eurovision 2015 Belarus.... I like this. I LIKEEEEE THIS!

  • Okay so... some of my comic files have gone missing. They aren't in the recycle bin, so I know I didn't delete them. I can't seem to search them so they don't exist either. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? The majority of what disappeared is already uploaded to smackjeeves so I'm fine there, but I'm still wondering where they all went.

  • Nervously saving everything that is mine to Imgur.

  • It isn't until after Christmas that sudden there are new toys at the Stanton Target. I found the Monster Exchange Student dolls. They had all of them except for the tall one.

  • Post office problems... *eyeroll*

  • Eurovision 2015 Albania, sounds pretty thus far.

  • Looking forward to see what the Enchanted Picnic Blondie looks like.

  • Seeing the Cypriot J-doll back in stock makes me want to cry.

  • The guy who was working besides me at the library absolutely refused to sit down. It made working really annoying.

  • The round buns they sell at Food 4 Less are REALLY good! I never noticed if El Super had buns like these. I would have gotten a crap load of them.

  • Since tomorrow is the last day of the year, I should probably post up all of these notes, even if there aren't many of them right now.

  • I already need a new computer. This one has been acting up on me. I've had it since 2011 so I guess it's time to get a new one?

  • I had to go wiki Clamp because I honest to God have not heard anybody utter their name in years.

  • New EAH doll pictures. Love the enchanted picnic blondie. Love Sugar Coated Ceder, although I think wood on frosting IRL would be gross. Mostly not impressed with the Wonderland centric line. As for the new characters. Rosabella is a huge turn off to me. Alistar was a low hanging fruit so I'm not too excited about him either. Bunny and Darling have me interested. I want to see them in person.

  • I did my laundry for newyears HOW FESTIVE!!!

  • I have found a new love for Telera bread.

  • Magi 252, Dear Hakuryuu. I feel like Ohtaka is manipulating me with my feels for Hakuei too. I share your pain.

  • IVI FINALLY UPDATED!!! *casually slips into insanity*

  • OBO pictures of Duchess. Not bad. I actually don't mind her faceup.

  • Upcoming 2015 Barbie Fashionistas! Going for the Asian girl.

  • Not really digging the new Va and Vi doll line.

  • Barely managed to update the commissions page for the commissions anniversary.

  • Trying to debate if I really want to watch the Assassination Classroom anime- I mean, the question really is do I honestly want to put myself through all of that again? I was so dissapointed when they tried playing matchmaker between the students and then the teachers. It really made me want to puke. BIG ASS NOTP!!!!!!

  • Every store I went to yesterday has all of their dolls removed from their toy sections. It's kind of scary........ What is this restockery?!?!?!?

  • That scary moment I acknowledge that I am smack dab in the middle of my entire webcomic. From fifteen, it's going to take another fifteen chapters to wrap this all up.

  • Started participating on the tapastic forums. I love it more than Inkblazers and Smackjeeves combined.

  • I like how Shallotte's getting slammed in the Shallie FAQ thread now- HAHAHAHAHA~

  • CONCHITA NOOOOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!? HOLLYWOOD CAN'T HANDLE YOU- STAAHHPP!!!!!.... Then again this might make the rest of America realize that Eurovision is a thing.

  • Walmart in Santa Ana updated their Lalas. They have that new Lalaloopsy Girls Suzette exclusive. So damn tempting.

  • Finally bought some fabric drawers to keep track of all of my work. I FUCKING LOVE THEEEEMMMM!!!

  • Bought new shoes also.

  • Oh yeah, and the Target in Stanton finally has the Spring Unsprung lineup. They also have the Bloom Gloom dolls too- I thought I'd want Jane, but I'm just not feeling it. Catrine's not doing it for me either. The first two Catrines were just so much better than the second two.

  • Both Justice stores in my area have little stock on any dolls.

  • Target at the Westminster mall has a lot of new dolls, but not much going on in the EAH and MH areas.

  • Trying to bounce back from a cold. This is so annoying.

  • I noticed that Spain finally has ESC 2015 entry, but I can't seem to find the song. I've been trying to search for it so I can draw it!!!!

  • DD SNOW MIKU, I FUCKING KNEW IT!! Look at all of the "I told you so" that I feel right now!!!!!!!! *Patiently rubs hands waiting for Sakura Miku*

  • The Atelier Shallie official site updated.... with everybody, but Miruca and Solle... WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY!??!!?!??!!? They're probably going to be in the next update with Willbell, Katla, Escha, and Albert.

Eurovision 2015, Georgia and Malta's song have the same name.

It has a stronger drum beat than Malta's Warrior, but the lyrics are repettive and over all the message is not as impacting as Malta's Warrior.


It's that time of the year again.
Non paypal users who wish to engage in trades please contact me for more trade information.@__@ the top trade item on my list is HP  61XL Black, 61 Tri-Color, 61XL Tri-Color, and 61 Black printer ink.

Sticky rules... You will be required to keep checking back to see the progress of your commission in the sticky above on the front of my journal. It's there- it's ALWAYS been there.You don't have to friend me on LiveJournal, however if you do you will be able view your progress as I blog the illustrating process and if you prove to be an active user, I'll deliberately make shout outs to you (I've had a handful of people miss these shout outs because they weren't active). You can order up to two pictures, but nothing more. When your orders are complete, you may feel free to order again if you have other requests in mind. Progress is based off of how frequently we keep in contact and how available I am during the time of the year (this year looks pretty good).

You will be required to pay for your commission BEFORE I start coloring your requested illustration, or BEFORE I send you your B&W image if you're ordering no color. The final illustrations will be forward to you in large .png format. It is not required but highly recommended to keep in touch with me through Skype (my name is Rubyconcream) as it will allow you to download your illustrations from me painlessly. Non-Skype users will most likely receive their illustrations via attachments by e-mail or photo bucket on my blog.

Feel free to copy and paste the following information, highlighting the services you wish... Please be certain to note the prices by the service titles as they cover the price of work time and postage shipping out your drawings into your personal possession.

Please bare in mind that I like to use non-photo blue to produce clean images. If you do not want the final hard copy image I send you to be in non-photo blue PLEASE specify. I have other methods of cleaning my lineart.

Pencil Illustration = $2.00

+Clean = 1.50 (EXAMPLE - EXAMPLE - for you to print and color)
+Clean Shaded Sketch = 1.75 (EXAMPLE)
+Sketchy = 2.50 (EXAMPLE)

Computer Illustration = $2.75

+ Computer Lineart = $5.75 (EXAMPLE - it takes FOREVER and it‘s a waste of my life)
+ Blog Speed Coloring = $1.50 (EXAMPLE - EXAMPLE - quick and sloppy)
+ Cellshading = $2.75 (EXAMPLE - EXAMPLE - cartoon like- fast and easy. If you want fine cells like the first example you need to request for the use of the Bezier Curve. It's another $0.25)
+ Brushshading = $3.00 (EXAMPLE - EXAMPLE

Original = 2.25

+Redrawing = 1.00 (redrawing something you already drew - I LOVE drawing clothing for those of you seeking doll clothing commissions!)
+ Character Design = $9.00 bells and whistles- no additional art fees (RANDOM EXAMPLES - This comes free with your purchase of a colored original character illustration, but it is NOW available for singular purchase if you just wish to receive the design only)

Fanart = 3.00 (dolls fall under fanart)

+ My style = $2.00 (RANDOM EXAMPLES)
+ Style Replica = $3.75 (RANDOM EXAMPLES- it takes me about an hour to decipher another artist's style)
+Redrawing = 2.00 (redrawing fan art you already drew - style prices apply in addition)


Comment or E-mail if interested. Again feel free to copy and paste the following information, highlighting the services you wish...
Thank you!

Notes from November and December

  • Notes from November and December. Really didn't do a good job keeping track.

  • Saw that RWBY started a second season so I checked to see if there were any improvements in the story presentation and I didn't really see any, so I kept walking.

  • I completely forgot about NaNoWriMo! It's already November!

  • Magi 245, You see that magic arrow thing Hakuryuu did? Yeah, that's what I honestly have been expecting out of Spartos' metal vessel all of this time- I'm not going to lie. We're probably never going to know what it is.


  • ... They changed Strard to Stellard. NO... no no no no no no no.

  • Watched the EAH thronecoming special... not the kind of plot twist I was looking forward to.

  • Post one post on in the SJ forums and it gets deleted. So much for trying to join the community.

  • The upcoming hooded Ashlynn and Blondie are looking really nice.

  • Spartos is now in SnB... Holy God NO- this is the day I've been dreading. I'm prepared to see everything I ever knew and loved about him ruined for life.

  • ...Nendroid Elsa.... that better be a fake... Lord please no...

  • So it's official that Shallie is the last Dusk game... meaning if GUST puts out anymore Atelier games, they won't be Dusk related. I'm relieved because I don't want to see what an extended future would hold for Solle and Miruca. I just want to pretend they eventually fell in love and got married.

  • DD rereleases- I'm not surprised Melty and Sasara won... the only thing that surprises me is the same thing that has always confused me, which is why Sasara is so popular to be begin with. I've watched To Heart 2 and the doll has never done the character justice.

  • Eurovision, Macedonia's new entry can grow on me.

  • Magi 248, Everyone thinks that Kiss Gyokuen gave Hakuryuu is her planting herself on him to make him her next doll. I... dunno... that's a bit of a low hanging fruit, isn't it?

  • I have no idea why, but the Elsword sprites for some reason really do MMD motion data full justice. It's soo weird.

  • The hot chicken sold at the Albertson's deli is really good. Price is pretty fair too.

  • Met all of my goals for the week... not that I did any of them well while hurrying to meet them.

  • A guy I met that works as a paramedic referred me to the 211 number. I find this so ironic because I was just thinking there should be some kind of phone number I could call for refferals! I want to laugh so hard at the irony it's not even funny.

  • So my Dad placed his cellphone in a cup of water that was sitting in his cup holder and now his cellphone is ruined.... for the love of GOD!!! I'm so scared for my phone now.

  • Why do I end up being surrounded by people who want Chinese food whenever I'm not in the mood for it.


  • Hetalia World Twinkle? Lord we have run out of titles.

  • Wow, Look at that- it's already December.

  • Magi 249, Expected this battle to be over by now.

  • NEW ENGLISH SHALLIE FOOTAGE.... LORD SHALLISTERA'S VOICE IS ANNOYING. Not a fan of Cortez's voice either. Shallotte's voice isn't annoying enough to match her Japanese voice- in fact, it's actually quite modest which is a little aggravating for me. It's like the person in charge of the voice cast misunderstood that it was Shallotte that was supposed to be annoying and Shallistera that was supposed to have a pleasant, modest voice.

  • Miruca better have a good voice or I'll die.

  • Had lemon meringue pie for my birthday....but I always do.

  • Magi 250, because we never miss a chance to cut off someone's head when the opportunity arises.

  • Nendroid Sakura Miku is always so tempting.... but if a DD Sakura Miku ever was released, I would just die.

  • Got an inkblazers account. I don't like how it doesn't have a comic scheduling feature. Tapastic and Smackjeeves both have comic scheduling features, why shouldn't inkblazers?

  • Since Dad drowned his cellphone in a cup of water, he bought a new one this month. It's a really nice flip phone. I'm so glad those are coming back in style- they really were better.

  • Through the woods Cupid, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I CAN'T EVEN!!!! Definitely getting her and Blondie! I'm torn between the Mirror beach Ashlynn and the Woods Ashlynn. I can't. I JUST CAN'T!

  • I barely made this Inkblazers account and a bunch of people are already following it and my comic. Given that I'm not updating this thing for another four months, they're probably going to wonder why the hell they followed it when I start posting.

  • It's been a while since I made my first weebly. I'm making another site and I feel like I've already forgotten how the platform works! Somehow I managed to successfully bust the title page!

  • Eurovision 2015, Netherlands entry is pretty catchy.... I'm not sure if I really really like it, but it's fine. Malta, HOLY GOD YES!!!! I LIKE THIS ONE! I LIKE THIS ONE A LOT!

  • Since a canon character has already chosen their entry, I think I'm going to start early on my hetavision project!

  • I suddenly remembered why I wanted out of Cyprus' fanbase.

  • I wanted to wait until December was over to post this, but I figure, might as well...

  • Nevermind, I can't get the internet to cooperate with livejournal.

  • Got a jump on the HetaSC album covers this year. I can't wait to see which country releases their song next!

  • I made an imgur account. I don't believe I've ever had one of these before.

  • It's been a while, maybe I can try to get LJ to post this again.

Malta's entry this year.

She's a bit screechy at times, but it blends well with the music. I'm just hoping she can pull it all off flawlessly live.

Today's Workspace - Miruca Crotze

  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! Another sketchbook find I decided to finish. Honest to God, I'd love to draw wall to wall Miruca fanart, but the little details of her design can be such a hassle. It's been a year since I last dabbled in texture layer coloring with PSP06. Didn't come out too bad. I did try to use some of the textures in PSP09 and PSP12, but there wasn't much of an improvement.

  • I think... these notes are continuing from October 4th? Not too sure.

  • SOMEONE IN THE ACTIVE FANDOM GOT THEIR SHALLIE ARTBOOOOOK!!!!!!!! I hope they keep good on their promise to take pictures of the concept art- I REALLY WANT TO SEE IT!

  • OMFG MIRUCA WAS SUPPOSED TO ORIGINALLY WEAR ORANGE AND HAVE SHORT HAIR. HOLY CRAP! It's Miruca so naturally I'm unbiased to which version of her I like the best. They all seem great to me.

  • Its hilarious how all of Shallotte's concepts look so much nicer than the official Shallotte herself. They should have just stuck with making her blonde.

  • I kind of prefer Shallistera in green.

  • Magi 242, we get a whole page to see the battle for Paimon and much to nobody's shock, Seishun got his ass kicked. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! PLEASE!

  • Macross DDs, lets see how this turns out.

  • New Novi Stars.... O________O Why are these coming back?

  • The next magi omake is going to chart the first impressions of a list of characters. This is Oktaka's usual way of furthering the canon not to my liking. Hakuei and Sinbad are going to have an opinion about each other. She's probably just going to drop a bomb on my ship just to sink it because she found out I was shipping it so hard. What annoys me more is that along with her first impression of Sinbad, will be his first impression of Kouen... yes... this is going to definitely destroy my ship.

  • Checked the Eurovision 2015 wiki. Apparently CYPRUS IS BBBAACCCKKK!!!!! OMFG!!!! I CAN WAVE MY CYPRIOT FLAG AGAIN! YAYYYYY!!!

  • October 16, 8:30pm, my cousin, Randy, called my Dad to tell him that, his mother, my aunt, Alice, died at 5am.... My Dad's little sister died today. This is a little more disturbing to us because their older sister Aurora died earlier this year and both their deaths feel too close together.

  • Got to watch some of the video footage of Miku Expo LA 2014... For some reason that actually made me cry and I don't have a legitimate explanation why.

  • I got a chance to watch Mango's animated Lalaloopsy episode... Oh LORD. First off, when I bought this doll a year or two ago, I had this sinking feeling she wouldn't understand/be understood by mainland characters. I can't believe I was actually right about that. Over all, I'm not sure if the message they were trying to send successfully came across. While it wasn't fair for everyone to try to change Mango, she equally wasn't doing a good job being polite about repelling their customs. Not saying that is wrong- but I can see how kids might take it the wrong way. Also, if I had a dollar for every time she said the word "coconut" I'd have enough money to buy a whole other Lalaloopy doll.

  • Okay, Macross DDs, I love how Ranka's face came out. Sheryl can grow on me, I can learn to like her after a while. They're outfits look shabby. I hope they pick different material for specific accents.

  • SHALLIE IS COMING TO US IN 2015!!!!!! MIRUCA BETTER HAVE A GOOD DUB VOICE OR I'LL SCREAM!!! OTL I'm about 99.9% sure they are going to cast her with a whiney voice even though her voice is supposed to be placid.

  • Also, with the annoucement of Eschatology Plus coming to the PlayStation Vita, I can only hope that Shallie Plus will follow suit and that will be the platform I'll finally be able to play it on ... because there is no way in hell I'm shelling out for a PS3. Like Ayesha, Eschatology Plus will come with all of the DLC party members as well as new costumes (although I kind of wonder if they'll try to reinsert Solle Grumman into E&LPlus as playable, taking Shallie combat motion data and coupling with his old green uniform module, but that honestly is more wishful thinking than anything else). This makes me super, extra excited to see what additions will be included for Shallie plus as far as costumes and such go- because all we got this year was silly little swim suits for all our lolicon needs. If possible I want to see Miruca in another outfit- HOPEFULLY ONE THAT ISN'T SUCH A HASSLE TO DRAW!!!!

  • Dad went to Alice's viewing, but he didn't wake up on time to make it to the funeral. He said that his relatives were kind of standoffish to him so he didn't feel like he was missing anything.

  • Really, I don't appreciate it when people say they have a certain preference of breast size. It's better to have a healthy appreciation of all sizes.... of course most of the people who have a preference of breast aren't usually female.

  • New Ringdoll girl's body. I love how they remade the waist, it looks so soft. Not to mention, the arms finally look like they are the correct length for the body. The last two bodies they always looked like they were too short.

  • Watching Tamako Love Story (part of the Tamako Market series)... love the animation, as usual... storyline is dragging.... opening is severely misleading. It's like "This is where Dera is... not that anybody cares". I haven't watched the first installment of the series, but they do a good job of keeping it episodic enough to just pick up right here without any knowledge.

  • Took a look around Tapastic. It's MUCH easier to wield than SmackJeeves and Comic Fury.

  • DEAR GOD, I WILL BE ALL OVER THE CYPRIOT NATIONAL SELECTION LIKE CHEAP COLOGNE. I don't know what's more interesting- the speculation of Ivi hosting it or that there is an entry called MAGIC by someone named Doody.... I haven't heard it yet, but I kind of want it to win just because the name is funny.

  • Wow October is almost over! That was fast

  • My love for Simply Lemonade® with Mango juice is unhuman... no they are not paying me to say that.

  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! Stuff I found last minute and edit inserted into this post because I didn't have anything fanarty earlier. Here is Haruka Suenaga in a little wedding cosplay for October. It's been years since I last drawn her and there is a ton more information about her than back in the day. I remember when I wasn't too sure what I was dealing with the first time I drew her, but now I feel like she has more background, but not enough personality. I really want to know what her weaknesses are- what scares her more than anything. Sounds like a perfect Halloween topic.

    • Actually not sure if this is one month of notes or a month and a half of notes or whatever.


    • Wow, look at that! The Magi Manga got pulled from the internet due to liscencing.

    • Now that BlueFairy is introducing double joints into their TF doll line, I wonder if it's a good time to get back into the TF fandom again.

    • DD MIRAI AND CANDY MEMORIAL DOLLS OMFG I HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE AT GETTING MIRAI!!!!!! I was kind of disturbed by the number of DD fans that didn't recognize them immediately, but I guess the fanbase is mostly made up of people who joined in the last four years.

    • I like Mangabird is still secretly hosting Magi chapters even though it's supposed to be all taken down.

    • Magi 238, Morgiana knocks over Alibaba to run over to Aladdin- it's been a while since my RARE ship caught a little wind. ALAMOR FTW.

    • Sailor Mercury Pullip.... AAAHHHHHUUUGGGG!!! *grabby hands*

    • Magi 239, Someone should have checked this chapter for continuity errors before it got officially published. I know we haven't seen Team Sindria in a long while, but seriously? Kouen finally lost interest in Aladdin, THANK GOD!!!! Now as soon as Judar finishes monologing we can GTFO weeee!!!

    • So Volks has mentioned making more Mikus or more Vocaloids? Can I hope for a Sakura Miku as of some point? She was always my favorite Miku. They're probably just going to hash out Rin, Luka and Meiko next though.... I kind of want to see how Meiko turns out, face mold wise- other than that, she's not the most exciting costume. Monica wants to see how they'd pull off Luka's outfit. Rin is my last hope for wig. I love her hair color. Her outfit has never impressed me, and I have a sinking feeling her face mold won't either. If they produced her as well as her casual green jacket outfit as a dress set then I WILL BE SOLD. Other than that.... MEH...

    • Some people are still expecting them to make Kaito and Ren... after having heard nothing more about Volks making boy dolls, this doesn't feel like it's going to manifest anything... seriously. But since we're on the topic.... KAITO FTW.

    • I'm going to be honest, if they hash out Vocaloid doll like they have been the Touhou ones or the Idolmaster ones, I'll shit bricks if Gumi gets her own doll... please no...

    • So Monica wants to get into Snk... oh fuck no...

    • Never mind, she just wanted to get into Levi and Eren... PHEW... I thought I was going to have to put up with watching that series.

    • ..... WTF, Levi is in his thirties, Eren is 15 and yet, according to the Atelier fanbase, I'm not allowed to ship Miruca and Solle? Solle is younger than Levi and Miruca is older than Eren. I want to slap the Atelier fan base now... I hope none of them are into SnK or I'll slap them even harder.


    • .... OTL... I'm done with you little hypocritical internet and your double standards.

    • Rereading Magi 239 in English... I still think the Kou Empire is wrong here, but if Ohtaka is still bent on demonizing Sinbad and Sindria then she can go fly that kite.

    • Someone put the entire story script of Kakusansei Million Arthur on the English Wiki. I CAN'T BELIEVE AFTER TWO YEARS I CAN FINALLY FIND OUT WHAT THIS STORYLINE IS ABOUT!!

    • SMCrystal EP06, worse visual story boarding ever. It's like they were accommodating for the fact that the animators could only draw close ups. It really threw off the flow of the storyline.

    • Magi 240, When is she going to stop making Sinbad look bad?

    • Listened to Niki Minaj's Anaconda song....... somehow I was expecting there to be so much more to this....

    • As much as I don't appreciate the English correcting how American's write certain English words, I also don't appreciate American's calling the English's spellings, of those words, misspelled.


    • Magi 241, BWAHAHAH SEIRYUU CHANGED OVER FROM KOUEN'S SIDE TO HAKURYUU.... orz I'm like the only one who noticed that because I actually give a crap what the Li family does in this series.

    • I like how someone on gameFAQ addressed a whole topic pointing out that Miruca is more attractive than the two leads. I wish I can agree with this person, I just don't have an account there to do it with.

    • Wow, the other members are really wailing on this Miruca topic negatively. Yeesh! This totally and completely remind me why I don't identify with the gaming community anymore.

    • When did it suddenly become October?

    • Picked up some blank greeting cards for future commissions.

    • I bought some metallic pens.... this is a first for me. I don't usualy buy metallic pens- I get handed metallic pens.

    • These pens definately are not water resistant.

    • I was recommended to try SketchUp. I'm watching the tutorial and so far, it's really catching my interest. My inner interior designer is screaming. I just hope my computer can handle the 3D modeling. I can't even get Miku Miku Dance to load models... but I hope it's only because of the bones.

    • Really liking Sketchup. I can't even put into words my love for this program. Thank you.

    • I couldn't remember my old gameFAQ account so I made a scrap one and threw a bomb in the anti-Miruca thread. You shits stay the hell away from my babu LOL!

    • Shallie Artbook seems to already be out. I wonder if any Japanese novelty or import stores will be selling it in America.

    • SMCrystal EP07... did you guys just skip over a transformation sequence opportunity? Wow.

    • So nobody can touch Zoisite with their powers, but Tuxedo can sneak up and punch him? .... wow...

    • Y'know it's been a long time since I last changed this layout. Maybe I should look into it. I know I don't come here much anymore, but it would be nice to have a little new scenery.

Cleaned out my sketchbook this morning. Look who I found!

I had too much fun with this asshole. I really want to draw more of him and Miruca, but unlike Solle, Miruca is a bit of a hassle to draw. I'm still trying to work things out with her. When I do, the ship will sail!

  • T oday's Happy Thought Picture! Something I randomly scribbled earlier this month.That’s all of the explanation I have.

  • Notes from five weeks worth of random days.

  • Solle's combat finisher demo totally blew the hell out of my mind. I wasn't expecting that. He doesn't really do anything, but write and point.

  • Latest Magi chapter, seems like Arba just turned on Sheba... IIII KNNNNEEWWWWW IIITTTTT!!!!!!!!! II KNNNEEWWW ITTT!!!

  • bless the person who uploaded battle gameplay of Solle and Miruca. FEEELLLLSS!!! I can't believe he gets pie for poweups. THAT IS SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS OF WRONG. Overall Solle is exciting to watch for a guy who virtually does nothing.

  • After watching this persons version of LincaxRaoul I'm starting to wonder if that segment of Solle, Linca, and Homura was a follow up of this conversation because not only does Raoul mention Homura, but Homura talks to her the longest. Forget it, I'm going to stop worrying about it. There are no ships in this game.

  • Watching a battle against "prototype" and the amount of my OTP is more than I can handle.

  • Seems like there was no Magi this week. I hope this trail of flakiness is sign of it's inevitable demise.....

  • I think I might change my userpics again soon. Too much Soruca love <3

  • Woke up Tuesday morning to find out that Robin Williams died.... that's not how I wanted to start off my day.

  • Escha's DLC finally went up..... The newer battle motion data is pretty cool. I did find it a little frustrating that one of her skills can correspond with Solle's.... but it only bothers me as someone who really doesn't like that ship... I have a sinking feeling that shit's gunna bother me every time it happens (especially since I only want the battles for Solle and Miruca). She also administers food for her supports.... other than that... she gives off the Mary sue vibe, but that's probably only because she's from the last game.

  • Miruca, number three on the Japanese favorite character poll- HELLSYEAH!

  • Miruca, character design on Zerochan. I swear- she wants me to make her a cosplay doll.

  • Rereading Real Bout Highschool. OMFG THE ARRTTT STILL GIVES ME THE CHILLS.


  • .... I love having a horizontal clipboard- THANK YOU DAISOOOOOOO!!

  • I also love having a tiny clipboard- THANK YOU DAISSOOOOO!

  • Magi 235 .... I hope this shit ends after this... I'm tired of learning about Alma Toran.

  • OTL I keep going back to Daiso Japan and buying stuff. I NEED TO STOP!!

  • No magi this week. Are they releasing every other week on purpose?

  • OTL... I have no Shallie in my life.... I gave up watching off of youtube after people starting swapping Miruca out for Escha.

  • Went to Tuesday Morning and found two J-dolls. I was pretty shocked. It was Marche and Melrose Ave. Not my favorites, but they were nice enough... they were both $20 ea.

  • Dear skin tone sensitive Hetalia fans. Just to let you know, the tones Himaruya typically uses for his tan-skin characters is hard as hell to edit. He shades with an atrocious pink and throwing that on orange looking skin is a nightmare.

  • I love how Miruca is winning for best long distance weapon for the PS3 Atelier games.

  • Someone posted an internet guide to Altelier Shallie and one of the side storyline for Shallotte is losing weight and dieting... holy god...

  • I also find it entertaining that Google translate identifies Solle as Saul. It also sees Miruca as Milka.


  • "Miruca and Cortez discuss quality of education of school" .... I love this website. It's more fun than watching the game on youtube.

  • "Solle complains about office work" but in his monotone voice, it hardly sounds like complaining at all.

  • I think I found that event I was trying to watch on youtube, the one where Solle and Miruca actually had a face to face conversation. According to the website, it's hard to make this event happen.

  • Apparently, the scene with Linca, Homura, and Solle they were talking about Linca #8 which works in Corseit. This Linca is #7 meaning she's probably a year or two older than the 8th one... and the 8th one is about thirty now.... damn.

  • "Keith and Miruca debate about the fate of ancient alchemy and modern alchemy" y'know I really wanted to know what he had to say to her about this.

  • "Solle talks about work-related stress" because it's the only thing interesting that ever happens in his life.

  • I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that one of the events Miruca has with Solle was loosely titled "I've found my dream". I need to stop before this pairing kills me.

Searched the Shallie OST for that serious office music.

It's titled "Song of the sand sea hunters", but it's pretty much the music that plays when you walk into the building to get your missions.


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