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Not sure if I have
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Not sure if I have
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Not sure if I have
anything to squeeze in here

Notes from Two Months Worth of Random Days


  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! Something I randomly found this sinei sketch in my sketchbook and I thought it looked easy enough to finish and post for the SinEi community. While posting this entire entry, I just noticed that Flickr doesn't share to LJ anymore. What a waste. It's a good thing I have html skills or I wouldn't have been able to fake using flickr sharing on my LJ without the help of my actual flickr. Not really sure if I've been digging any of these wierd changes all of our websites have been doing....

  • Notes from random days over the last two months. I honestly lost track.

  • Finally finished Pupipo. I'm surprised he was her son all of his time. That's kind of cute. And the OTP I wanted created him. THANK YOU!

  • Trying to watch the new Blade and Soul anime adaptation. I don't really know if it's taking my interest yet.

  • Wow, she got picked up by some guys really fast.

  • I'm assuming the guy who peed his pants isn't her love interest.... HOLY GOD, he's proud that he's been his own pants. That is dumb....

  • I'm sorry Mori, but you were asking for that.

  • Aruka's lack of expression is kind of turning me off to her.

  • ... Now they want to get rid of her... It's funny because it's the same guy who brought her there that wants to get rid of her. Feh.

  • And then everybody just died. Wow that was all at once.

  • Aruka cut her own hair... with no explanation.

  • Next episode.... wait... what was the point of letting Mori live if she's not in this story anymore?

  • I know Aruka is looking for work, but this is like pulling teeth.

  • I don't think I can honestly finish this....

  • Tried out Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? instead. The setting is really nice so far.

  • Just the fact that she's come to live in a new city for the first time is giving me the feels.

  • She got mad that there aren't any rabbits at the rabbit cafe.... holy GOD.


  • This intro is full of nothing, but cute.

  • I don't know if it's me or the website, but I can't get the episode to progress after the intro.

  • Someone already made a Conchita Wurst Obitsu... NO.

  • Now that Eurovision is over, I'm just casually waiting for all the hype to end. I need a break from it.

  • Meanwhile, Magi. This chapter isn't in English, but it's pretty obvious that Solomon knocked Sheba up.

  • Next chapter, Solomon~ I can't believe it's not Sinbad.

  • I feel like all I've been doing lately is reviewing Magi chapters. I've long since given up expecting to see my favorite characters ever again. They were all minor characters anyone. I should just give up and focus on fanarting them before Ohtaka goes and kills them all.

  • I wish I had some new doll news to review, but all the new information that's been out hasn't exactly been exciting- atleast not for me...

  • I think I might change my LJ icons after this. I'm kind of bored with some of my old ones already.

Since I have nothing else new to report, I'm just going to have a fanart dump.

Sorcery King and Alice Margatroid

The game crossover ship I'm really into. I only stuck them together because I just can't ship them with the other characters from their games. Other than that, he's probably too whiny for her.

Spartos riding my full scale depiction of the winged-unicorn from his official sticker picture. I think it looks ridiculous, but I was into horses when I drew it because CALIFORNIA CHRROOMMEEEEE!!!!!

The King and Queen of Sindria.

I feel like I'm the only one who contributes to this pairing's group. Alternate universe where Hakuei becomes Queen of Sindria. Canonly, these two will probably never be able to get married (not as long as Kouen exsists in their universe) ,but the novelty for me was solely just designing Hakuei an outfit to compliment her husband. I really love redressing Hakuei. She's a lot of fun to create fashion for.



  • I found a cool art book picture from Vividred Operation so I thought I'd give it a shot and watch it later.

  • Hauling ass on my commission.

  • I'm so glad I never got a DA account.

  • Watching Vividred- the opening is interesting thus far.... she calls her bike, Doggy? ;A; I guess it makes sense. Monica called her first bike sugar cube.

  • Wow, Akane has a great arm!

  • Wow, her grandfather actually died... what never mind, he's the animal mascot now.... what a waste of grandpa... Seriously, this is a shit way to get an oldfart to rely on his grand daughters.

  • Well this certainly got dramatic....

  • And her friend is praying to her- WHAT?

  • Wow, Aoi's plane crashed, why isn't she dead?

  • Wow, she's falling to her doom, why isn't she dead?

  • Nevermind, we're having a mahou shoujo transformation sequence....

  • I don't think I can finish this series. It's a bit too....rushed now.

  • Setup for Eurovision this year, but I'm a tad worried. The livestream is jerky this morning, which is odd because it's MORNING and that's the best time for the wifi.

  • I've lowered the livestream quality to medium and it's only helping a little. I put it on low and still no real change.

  • Seriously, I haven't even crossed two minutes worth of an hour into this Sunday event stream without jerking, how am I supposed to get the actual contest jerk free during lunch.

  • I managed to get through Semi-final one with jerks and stops every little while, but semi-final two was just HORRIBLE!!! THE LIVESTREAM SKIPPED THROUGH ALL OF THE SONGS I LOVED!!!! THANK GOD ESC HAS A YOUTUBE OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE MISSED EVERYTHING!!!!! I swear, if the GRAND FINALE is THIS BAD, I'm going to SCREAM.

  • Shit I started my period.

  • Meanwhile, Dollheart Facebook just made me wish I had never submitted to the illustration contest. OTL if I had known this contest was going to go straight to Facebook I would have NEVER submitted!!!!

Favorites from this year's Eurovision

My new addiction

I remember when I thought I hated this song

And this one too

I love it so much now

This one the livestream just totally glipped and skipped on me. I was SOO MAD!!

and this one too.



Notes from Random Days


  • Notes from random days.

  • I blew a shitload of money buying PSPX2 and a new camera. Not sorry.

  • Tried to watch Yugioh Arc-v and I couldn't make it through the first five minutes of it.

  • April 8th. Today's Dad's birthday. He doesn't seem like he wants to celebrate though.

  • The only thing worse than someone assuming that I have a DA is someone assuming that I have a pixiv account. Honestly, if I had a pixiv, I would know about it.

  • Trying to bide my time waiting for my new camera to arrive. Lord knows when my new PSPX2 is going to get here.

  • Camera came at the end of the week

  • Still trying to figure out how to work this thing

  • Never mind. I got it.

  • PSPX2 came on Monday.

  • Unfortunately that was the same day we took our computer to get repaired.

  • Computer came back from repairs on Wednesday.

  • Monica bought a cable to hook the computer up to the TV and we had fun showing Mom and Dad the internet.

  • Printer suddenly breaks randomly on Saturday. FML!!!

  • Watched the new Pokemon special. The characters are adorable and I ship them.

  • Chatting with HP customer service... exactly what I didn't want to be doing right now.

  • My new printer will arrive by the 28th... or sooner.


  • My printer arrived on Monday.

  • Sent back the old one.

  • Printed and scanned the hell out of the world.

  • Wasted the last of my blank ink cartridge.

  • Finished a commission on Thursday! YAY! OTL TOOK ALL FRIGGEN MONTH!

  • Awe shit, I just realizes that Eurovision is next week. CRAPPP, MY BODY IS NOT READY!!

  • My new printer broke Sunday morning and customer service was no help at all. I'm done with Hewlett-Packard.

  • Eurovision is in a week and I don't think I'll be able to participate in fanart for it without my printer. I could try with my scanner, but then I'll have to make up for all oddities with extra editing.

  • Did Dollheart forget they were holding a contest?

  • Why is it every time I want to update my LJ blog, LJ won't let me?

  • Money came in so I can go hunting for a new printer now.... this is going to be fun *eyeroll*. I better get one before Sunday or else I won't be able to draw Hetavision art this Eurovision work.

Today's Workspace - Hetavision 2014


  • Notes from random days.

  • Installed Libreoffice. I like it! It's a little basic looking, but it works more or less like MSoffice. I can view my old MSoffice files in it.

  • So apparently, Project Diva added Knife to the game. *internally screaming* I have to see the MV for it- I NEED IT!

  • Pupipo confuses them. One moment everybody was making a huge deal about the water and not touching it and then afterward they kept using it like a portal.

  • Is this a Keroro reboot I'm seeing... because THANK YOU!

  • Magi, biggest battle of the current Manga arc and they use low budget animation.

  • The moment the seven seas alliance came in, I had to resist the urge to puke. I can't believe Dareios Djinn equip is sandy blonde. Seriously...

  • All the fight from this point on was compromised with low graphics. How disappointing because it was originally the most insane looking set of illustrations back in the manga. I was hoping they would make sense of it in the anime, but they didn't even try.

  • Morgiana rides her fire wings almost like a skateboard or skates. One, that's not how it looked in the manga, and two, that was kind of interesting.

  • Holy CRAP when did Flickr change?

  • Finally printed out my first document in libreoffice. It's going to take some getting used to, but it did the trick.

  • I don't remember if I mentioned that someone recommended Noragami so I'm trying it out.

  • This shit is actually pretty interesting, but I don't know if I want to carry on like this for a whole season.

  • Watched the PV for Knife for the new Project Diva. The dance and camera angles are lacking. I'm so disappointed.

  • Jumped into storage and finally pulled out my PSP 06 and 09 cds!!

  • I managed to install PSP06 easily, but psp09 kept telling me I wasn't the admin of the computer and I couldn't install it, so I had to dive into the CD files just to force it to install itself.

  • It's April fool's day already


  • Catching up with Magi again. I like how the majority of the animation improved specifically for the last episode. Dareios gets only one other line in the manga script and THEY GAVE IT TO THE OTHER TWO KINGS! HAKUEI'S ONLY OTHER LINE THEY GAVE IT TO KOUMEI WHAT THE HELLL!!!!

  • While I was drawing, I was also watching Selector Infected WIXOSS. Not an inventive idea, but the presentation is interesting.

  • First thing in the morning, I woke up and voted on the DDS and MDD polls. My votes went to Haruka Amami, Yukiho and Youmu. They are all on my wishlist right now.

  • The new DDs, Rin and Ranko, are pretty, but not my type of faces.

Hetavision 2014 Album covers I drew for this years Eurovision Song Contest. I actually went out of my way to edit the title to say "Hetavision".



  • Notes from random days.

  • Just waiting for Uncle Johnny to upload the funeral photos to his flickr.... uggg...

  • Back to Assassination Classroom. The school chairman has a son? HE SPAWNED?!?!?!

  • I can't unsee that student who put a booger in his soup. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • I swear, I can't tell if I'm not allowed to ship NagiYuki or not because their interactions are across the board. Kaede however definitely has a thing for him. That makes me upset.

  • Recycled bad guy... how disappointing.

  • Nagisa got paired off with Kaede again... uggg...

  • OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DON'T FORCE COUPLES! PLEASE DON'T FORCE COUPLES! OMFG, this might actually ruin the whole story for me.


  • Forget it, I'm too depressed to finish this series. I actually don't care anymore. Whoever told the mangaka that ch74 was a great idea was a total idiot.

  • There's only a few chapters left.

  • This one is about Kaede.... fuck you Kaede...

  • I'm so depressed now...

  • Started on my new Inuyasha commission.

  • I have a packaging going out. It's too late to hit the post office now though.


  • Couldn't sleep so I spent all night working.

  • Hit the post office.

  • Back to Eurovision. Denmark's entry this year is really Catchy. Definitely a must download.

  • PSPX3 keeps giving me problems.

  • Have this sinking feeling I'm going to need more ink soon.

  • Great, I have to hit the post office again soon. CRY.

  • Never mind, double order. I can hold the package back!

  • This history of the world arch in Magi is really dragging, no matter how action packed they make it, I'm still waiting for the part where I'm supposed to care about any of this.

  • So there is new Pinkie Cooper merchandise despite it being discontinued. HOW DARE YOU FUCK WITH ME LIKE THAT!!! *THROWS THINGS*

  • Someone recommended Libreoffice so I'm going to give it a try since this new hard drive didn't come with MS offie.

  • I keep changing my schedule randomly. Sometimes I work on my art in the mornings, sometimes I work on it in the evenings. Recently I've been doing all my writing in the morning, which feels better.

Today's Workspace - Kugelmugel

Favorite Pairing

  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! Something I sketched, spur of the moment. I remember when I didn't like this character. For a long time I felt like he was a negative critique on socially disabled artists. I have this strong feeling I probably wouldn't have been able to like him without the help of Seishun because they're fringe is similar.

  • Notes from random days.

  • Friday came and went, nobody in Magi died yet. I think we have to wait another four weeks for something to really happen.

  • Started watching Pupipo! It's cute and it moves very quickly. I hate her best friend though. She's everything I hate in a character all rolled into one.

  • Watching the Assassination Classroom OVA. I'm loving it. I think I might want to read the manga.


  • Started reading the manga. LOVE THE MAIN CHARACTER EVEN MORE!

  • I found the chapters that were animated for the OVA. I have no idea why they skipped fifteen chapters just to animated three random chapters.

  • I'm not kidding, you guys, this shit is addicting.

  • Update my icons.

  • I love Nagisa. I'd love him even more with Yukiko, but it seems like he's supposed to be with Kaede. I don't really like her.

  • Today is Aunt Aurora's funeral. I had to help Dad find the directions to the church. *sigh* It's so far away.

My other other new addiction which I'm even more addicted to than my last addiction, unfortunately.

For some reason I feel like I should be ashamed of myself for liking this song. It's a great anger management song though!

Transparent Kugelmugel

Today's Workspace - Magi Fanart Dump 3


  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! Something I drew on a whim. I knew I wanted to do a picture of Spartos in something other than his two canon outfits. I have seen other alternate outfits drawn by fans and it upsets me when he is drawn with his neck or chest exposed because I just don't see that being acceptable in his religion. I mean for the love of God- this man can barely talk to women! How can he be expected to expose parts of his body, especially sexual places like his neck and chest.

  • Notes from a bunch of random days. I honestly can't remember how far back.

  • WOW. We lost Shirley Temple? at 85? WOW.... I'm genuinely shocked. WOOOOW.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!

  • I took a glance at and saw Sakura Miku Pullip. ... Groove you guys are soo MEAN TO MEEEE!!!! I also learned the Contest RM doll's name is Keikujaku

  • Thronecoming Cupid... Lord... her earrings are so long they make her look like she has elf ears. Her wings are awesome though. Other than that, all of the dolls themselves look like hot messes.

  • Back to Eurovision. Not really digging Hungary's entry although it's catchy, the abuse message is disturbing. Macedonia is friggen awesome. Definitely a must download. I'm going to embed this.

  • I kind of want to get ahead with drawing Hetavision fanart, but not many of the canon characters have chosen yet.

  • Saw the Cerritos library. It was really pretty, but the lack of free wifi killed everything for me.

  • I love how auto correct wants me to change Cerritos to Burritos.

  • So apparently it was cited that Ohtaka said that specific existing characters were going to die in the next chapter. OH LORD THAT BETTER MEAN SPARTOS IS GOING TO DIE! LOL- I don't know why that makes me happy. It probably just means that Hakuryuu is going to die or something like that. I want to see the minor characters die so badly because the story already was bad A LONG time ago.

  • Caught up with Eurovision. Liked Ireland's immediately. I checked out Lithuania's and it didn't appeal to me. I checked out Belarus. I thought it was funny, but it's not something I would download. Not sure if I love Romania's entry, but I don't hate it. Finland's doesn't appeal to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if it won. I liked Poland's music video... but I don't know about the song itself. It sounds like it can really get on my nerves after a few rounds. Latvia's entry made me laugh, but I don't know if I want to download this one either. Iceland's entry, I wanted to like it, but the tune just didn't appeal to me. Estonia's entry sounds like a winner. Spain's entry sounds like something Josh Groban would sing. I like the beat of Italy's song, but her voice isn't appealing.

  • Volks Rerelease DD Poll. I voted for Mashiro Mito, since she's my grail and Nia because she's my forbidden love. I don't care for who I picked for third so I'm not going to even bring her up.

  • Friday came and went and nobody in the manga died yet. How long do we have to wait for somebody to die?

  • Randy called to tell us that Aunt Aurora died. She was my father and Randy's mother's older sister, second to Mary who died when I was in Jr. High. She got a blood clot after her surgery and it made it hard for her to breathe. She died while transferring hospitals.

  • Watched the Super Sonico series. It's cute... that's just about it. Plot is pretty lacking.

  • Watched Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta. Intro won me over. Everything about it seemed really cool until the main character got angry when he saw some kind of Matriarch figure. Totally lost me after that port.

  • Okay maybe I might finish this. I read the Wiki for it and the character I liked is the love interest.

  • Never mind, this series is just too slow for me.

  • Took a look at RWBY because I've seen a lot of fanart for it. 3D graphics are a bit lacking, but the motion data at times can be pretty elaborate. This had me for a moment until the characters started TALKING and then I wanted to slap them because the script doesn't take itself seriously enough. Shame because the main character actually appealed to me before she listed all of her pathetic motivations.

  • Episode two, wow you guys really lost my interest.

  • Randomly watching extra edition SAO. I never finished this series so watching this review is kind of interesting.

My other new addiction which I'm sadly more addicted to than my last addiction.

I could just listen to this one for hours. I can't see Macedonia winning Eurovision, but I'll root for them anyway.

Pisti and Sharrkan

I know this pairing may seem too peanut butter and peanut butter, but it makes more sense than the water and oil that is Spartos and Pisti or Spartos and Sharrkan. In there little drinking trio he really feels like a third wheel and the odd man out.

Ren Hakuei

Found this one in my sketchbook. Did a quick color. It came out better than I expected.

Special Comic for the Sinei CommunityCollapse )

Rain Maker by Emmelie De Forest


  • *cries because more DD Youmu pictures* I honestly tried to talk myself out of wanting her because it hurts so bad, but I find that her facemold looks like an OC of mine. THAT MAKES IT ALL SOO MUCH WORSE. *sobs*

  • Ebay finally let me have some of the money that I got from my sales. I still have a bunch more days to wait though for the rest of it. Uggg.... evilBay.

  • Made Fanart plans for Valentines, but I don't have a lot of time to get it going so I better hurry.

The moment this song was teased, I had a strong feeling I was going to get addicted to it. I needed this song sooo BADLY back in Nov and Dec.

TRNC x Wy Valentine's Comic RequestCollapse )

Today's Workspace - Magi Fanart Dump 2


  • Today's Happy Thought Picture! This picture was drawn exclusively for the only fan group I could find that supports this pairing. I got into this pairing a year ago and I still regret not having drawn any fanart for it. Now it's so canonly smashed I can't even feel happy about it anymore. Alas, fanarting for Sinei from this point would strictly just be me trying to keep alive magic that's already gone. Who knows if I'll ever feel strong enough to draw them together again...

  • Notes from a bunch of random days.

  • Back to watching Hyouka. This is probably the most realistic school festival experience I've ever had watching an anime. I'm getting the feels.


  • Started watching Bouryaku no Zvezda. The main character looks a lot like Sorcery King so I immediately like him.

  • "You're just copying Lincoln" ... well four score and seven years ago... in a g-string.

  • Tried to watch Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, but they lost me as soon as they introduced the love interest....

  • My computer is already giving me scanner problems. As far as it is concerned the scanner doesn't exist... oh, but the printer works just fine.

  • Fixed it.

  • ... Okay so there are new Blondies and Cerises? Crap.... now I can actually tolerate Cerise's face. If I ever see the new Blondie in my area I'll grab her up.

  • Did eBay change their policy? I just sold something and the money is being held for 21 days until I ship? What is all this?

  • Wow, I actually got a hold of the latest Magi chapter right when it was released. It's not translated, but I don't really care anymore what any of the characters have to say. Everybody pretty much got together- minus actual characters I like and care about.

  • Hyouka EP19. I just wanted them to kiss soo badly.

  • Finished Hyouka. WOW.... I almost want to do that again...

  • Tried watching Amagami SS. I just wanted to see Ai so I'm only just watching her episodes. First thing... this guy and his friend try to run to the bathroom and they stop to talk to a girl. This is... really... REALLY.... RREEEAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYYY off.

  • Never mind I give up.

  • Monica broke my camera... my life is over.... I CAN'T GET A NEW ONE- NOT FOR A VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME.

  • Someone resurrected the Youmu Konpaku DD thread and gave me false hopes.

  • I also need to get more printer paper. I'm already out.

  • *SSSSSSSSSSCCCCRREEEEAAAMMMMSSS* *ROLLS AROUND SCREAMING* WHY GOD WHY NOW WHHY?!!!? I HAVE TO HAVE HER!!!!! *THROWS EVERYTHING*. I never thought it would feel like this! All of this time Volks has been making so many characters I don't know or care for and when they finally make my all time favorite touhou character, I can't afford her. Oh god... orz Oh the after market.... ugggg...

This picture didn't come out as nice as I planned. I couldn't find a bg that I liked so I shelled out three versions. Here are the Pink Version and Gold Version.

From top to bottom we have Spartos, Yamuraiha, Sharrkan, and Pisti.

I'm surprised I drew the four of them together because I absolutely hate the thought of them as a collective unit. I don't care if they are colleagues, I'd personally would never match up these personality types for a story AT ALL.

  • Ivi totally concert dumping her youtube. OOOHH MY GOOD IVI BABY I LOVE YOU.

  • Watching Hyouka while coloring. There was this hot springs seen where the main character gets naked to go in, but the moment he pulls down his pants, a strategic child runs in and blockades his ass as he is changing. I laughed SO HARD.

  • The sister episode was really cute. OTL yeah... the writing your name on everything thing is a thing.... cry...

  • Speculative DD Snow Miku. *smacks volks over and over and over again*. We had our fears that Miku would be the new saber. Those fears may come true. If they make Sakura Miku at any point that they are milking the vocaloid-cow for all it's worth I will be in so much trouble. It's bad enough they have me by the balls waiting for Youmu.

My latest addiction. Phoenix Legend - "The Most Dazzling Folk Style"


TEASER: @raviedolls .
This is one of those moments where I stop at the end and then slam my head into the wall because the text you sent me said cellshading and I brushshaded it anyway out of habit. I want to tear out my hair *screams and rolls off a cliff*.

I'm really sleepy, so I'm calling it quits for today. Still tweaking the helmet, but the pieces are almost ready for assembling. They're all on different layers so I can easily separate them later on a wider file. Feel free to make any suggestions.

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